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We build websites, social media, run ads and take care of your accouting & taxes.

Fitness & Wellness ― Sport ― Healthcare ― Healthy lifestyle

Our clients:

Our clients

Build your brand

We will ensure that new potential customers will find you and your services.

Get More Customers

Using proven methods we will deliver new customers to your business.

Save Time And Money

We have years of experiences, so we know what works and what doesn't. Don't waste your precious time and money trying to find it on your own.

What do we do

Websites &

– customer quickly gets all informations he needs
– good website can turn cold lead into hot lead faster
– easy tool for FAQ
– good website sell its products

Social Meda

– easy communication with your targeted group of customers
– people will have more knowledge about your products & services
– good presentation of your brand raises value of your products & services
– we’ve already helped gain more than 300 new customers through social media ads

Graphic & Design

– people buy what looks nice
– people will remember you more easily if you stick to some visual style
– more awesome it looks more valuable it is for customers

Chatbot (Automatic Responses)

– chatbot saves time with responding to FAQs
– can be used both on social media and website
– social media ad can lead into chatbot sequence
– can be used as portfolio of your products & services

Strategic Consulting

– phone call/videocall/meeting in Tabor/Prague (Czechia)
– together we will discuss your situation and find best solution
– can be one time consultation or long-term consulting

Accounting & Taxes

– 25 years of experiences
– we can also manage your employers and some law stuff

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Our clients are...

Fitness centers, Gyms, Wellness & Sport Centers

Fitness Coaches, Instructors, Physiotherapists

Nutrition Coaches & Specialists

Doctors, Clinics, Counselings, Dentists

Are you an entrepreneur in Fitness & Wellness or Healthcare?

Who believes in us

Mafia Fitness Gym Tábor - posilovna v Táboře

Unique system of selfdefense founded by Fred Mastro, bodyguard of Hollywood biggest stars such as Jean-Claude van Damme or others.

Fitness center in Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic

Fitness Coaches Patrik Pondělík & Lucka Varmužová

A team specializing in functional podology

Fitness franchise (23 gyms)

Unique challenge for women who want reduce bodyweight and maintain their results in the long run.

Healthy lifestyle mentor

Tailor-made dining program

Private gym in center of Prague

Fitlady Club Olomouc

Female gym in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Mansformation & Jdidosebe

Transformation of men who have forgotten caring about their health during their way to the dream business and career.

PeVan Gym

Gym in Sedlcany, Czech Republic

Project with goal to raise more awareness of the need for Vietnamese bone marrow donors, as well as the acquisition of new registered young Vietnamese living in the Czech Republic.

Who we are

Vit Janda

I’m a big sportsman since my childhood. I was doing athletics for 7 years and floorball for 15 years (Tatran Stresovice, Czech National Team). When I was 16 y.o., Czech justice system allowed me to start my first company.

I love to start big innovative projects. Connecting multiple areas and facing complex challenges are exactly the thing for me. 

I find myself in connecting the world of sport with the world of marketing. My mission is to help other entrepreneurs in fitness & wellness, healthcare or healthy lifestyle industry. That’s what I love.

On top of that I lead project called SOCIDE. Mission of that project is connecting young people with professionals. I also manage Facebook group AKTIVNÍ STUDENTI with more than 3 300 members.

Miloslav Janda

I do sport since my childhood and yet I can’t imagine my life without it. I found my passion in numbers and complex projects. I have also bachelor’s degree in “Law in Entrepreneurship”.

I have 25 years of experiences in services such as accounting, wages, HR or taxes.

We provide our services mainly to new companies.

Our great team

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